Disclaimer Mumbo Jumbo

Most photos have been shared from readers all around the globe, so……if you are a copyright owner or represent a copyright owner, and you believe that New York Graffiti is infringing your copyright, we can assist you best via e-mail. You may contact artists@newyorkgraffiti.com with an informal request; please cite the exact URL (the “address” or “location” of the page as shown by your web browser, beginning with http://newyorkgraffiti.com/…), and provide enough information to substantiate your claim of copyright ownership. Be aware that correspondence is answered by a small number of volunteers, and an immediate reply may not be possible.

We believe in respectful and responsible expressions of creativity and aim to cooperate within the community at large for mutual benefit, to help make an already great city even more beautiful. Because of this, we do not condone any kind of vandalism and embrace responsible creativity. We have a great appreciation and the highest respect for the many forms of graffiti art, BUT we do not condone illegal acts of any kind. This site is for visual pleasure and to help artists get paid for their talents, whether it is on clothing or in galleries.

New York Graffiti Laws 

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