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New York Graffiti – NY Graffiti & NYC Graffiti, focusing on graffiti that was started back in the 1970’s in New York City, Hip-Hop at it’s roots. New York Graffiti Clothing Line, Wearable Art!

We are here to show you street art from Old School Artists to Current Artists. The site is dedicated to JUST New York which is really where it all began. Check back to see new photos that will be added DAILY, we receive hundreds of photos that need to be scanned before they are posted.

We are also looking for any photos of Graffiti Pieces around ALL FIVE BOROS. (PLEASE ONLY NON-COPYRIGHTED images & drawings) and if possible please submit a release statement with all all photos and designs you would allow us to use on the site. The artist or photographer will ALWAYS be credited for their photos and drawings @ NewYorkGraffiti.com

PLEASE NOTE: Most of the images have been shared with us from 1000’s of guests users, if you feel that a photo has been posted that is copyrighted please let us know and we will be glad to remove it or display your credit information where is it due. If a tag has been placed wrong on a photo lets us know and we will be glad to update it. We are EXTREMLY fair and care about the art community.

Thanks for your interest, send all inquires or photos to:

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